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New York
Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Ambassador Deo Saran, Fiji’s Climate Ambassador and Special Envoy to the UNFCCC, participated in the 13th Seminar of Oxford-based Fellowship Programme, last week. This is an annual seminar organised by European Capacity Building Initiative (ECBI) and Oxford Climate Policy for climate negotiators and other stakeholders, at the University of Oxford.

Ambassador Saran highlighted in his address to the participants that COP23 will be a visionary COP and energise the spirit of the Paris Agreement. 

“We aim to achieve this by demonstrating the continued global commitment to climate action and working toward the full implementation of the Paris Agreement.

I’m pleased to see that during this seminar we have addressed many key issues that are relevant for us as incoming president of the COP 23,” said Ambassador Saran.

He detailed the key priorities for the upcoming COP23 which has been developed and are advancing after multiple consultations over last several months.

“Fiji intends to complete the scope, design and modalities for the 2018 Facilitative Dialogue at COP 23, after conducting transparent and all-inclusive consultations, together with the Moroccan COP22 Presidency. We will be working closely with Poland as president of COP 24 to ensure the good connections of the design with the delivery of the Dialogue in 2018.”

Ambassador Saran said, “For the Paris Agreement Implementation Guidelines, the Fijian Presidency expects to adopt a text or steps, in a draft form that clearly shows the way to agreement on a package of decisions in 2018 and the structure of the Guidelines.”

“Gender and the Local Communities and Indigenous People's (LCIP) Platform is also part of our priorities. We plan to adopt the first Gender Action Plan and operationalise the LCIP Platform.
Additionally, as a small island state, Fiji plans to make clear progress on replenishment of the Adaptation Fund and provide a pathway for the Adaptation Fund to serve the Paris Agreement.”

The other areas that the incoming Fijian Presidency aims to priorities includes an Oceans Pathway to draw a strong link between the health of oceans and climate change policies; launching of a Grand Coalition to accelerate climate action before 2020 and beyond; and advancing climate finance for the implementation of mitigation and adaptation actions flow to developing countries and small island states faster and easier.

Ambassador Saran also announced that in preparations for the COP Fiji will be holding the Pre-COP from 17-18 October 2017, in Fiji. This will be preceded by a Partnership Day on 16 October for State and non-States actor for enhancing Climate Action Agenda.


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