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Fiji Unveils COP23 Website

New York
Thursday, May 18, 2017

A dedicated Internet website to support Fiji’s presidency of COP23 has been launched by the Prime Minister and incoming COP President, Frank Bainimarama.

The Prime Minister unveiled the website – - before representatives of nearly 200 countries attending UN climate talks in Bonn in advance of the main COP23 gathering in November.

The PM described the website as a very important tool of Fiji’s presidency, as well as its mission to explain the impact of climate change on the Fijian people and other Pacific Islanders.

“On it, you will find a range of information about our plans for the coming year, as well as information about the effects of climate change on our people and other Pacific Islanders. Plus, of course, general information about Fiji and our engagement with the rest of the world,” the PM said.

Fijians are being urged to use the contact form on the website to tell their own stories about the effects of climate change on their lives. Fiji is also keen to showcase stories from other Pacific Islanders as part of its effort to make COP23 a Pacific-wide event.  


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