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Job Vacancy: Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs(Re-advertised)

New York
Saturday, May 20, 2017





The Public Service Commission invites suitably qualified and eligible applicants for the vacant position below:




The Office of the Permanent Secretary is established under Section 127 of the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji 2013 (Fijian Constitution) and is subject to the Values and Principles as set out in Section 123 of the Constitution.

Key Attributes

To be considered by the Public Service Commission (PSC) as an eligible candidate, applicants will have proven experience in a services environment where the decisions made can change people’s lives. The eligible candidates will have demonstrated the following:


Ø  Leadership and management of large and complex service delivery operations in the private sector or government services, preferably at a national level;

Ø  Leadership of major reform or change programs, involving setting strategic direction, change management, people leadership and stakeholder engagement, including desirable experience in a digital environment;

Ø  A proven track record in delivering outcomes in a service environment;

Ø  End-to-end business leadership capabilities with experience in building high performing and professional organisations, with a strong and aligned organisational culture, clear accountabilities and performance measurement;

Ø  Strong, sophisticated and well developed relationship management skills, including an ability to work effectively with stakeholders, sector providers and the complexity of Government at a whole of Government level, as well as the appointed Minister and if appointed an Assistant Minister;

Ø  Strong communication and engagement skills, including refined political nous and judgement given the importance of operating in a complex governance environment with multiple stakeholders and competing objectives;

Ø  Strong financial and planning skills, including the ability to make predictive judgments and provide accurate advice to Minister and Government;

Ø  Strong risk and compliance management capability; and

Ø  Resilience and drive.



Academic qualifications in Management, Public Administration, International Relations, Law or a related area are essential.


Role Description for the Position

In line with provisions in the 2013 Constitution, the Civil Service Act and other Fijian legislation, the Permanent Secretary is required to:

Ø  Ensure the effective development and implementation of Fiji’s foreign policy;

Ø  Manage the development of effective relationships with neighbours and international partners;

Ø  Coordinate with the Ministry of Trade to ensure effective trade and development relationships with the international community;

Ø  Effectively and efficiently manage the Ministry’s Human and Financial Resources;

Ø  Ensure the development of a competent and motivated workforce and the provision of policy advice to Government including the coordination of statutes and regulations that are applicable to the sector;

Ø  Exercise prudence and accountability in the management of Ministry’s finance and assets and adhere to the reporting requirements;

Ø   Maintain a high degree of focus on customer service; and

Ø  Undertake required reforms to bring about higher levels of efficiency and improved public service delivery.



Under section 126 (1) of the Fijian Constitution a Permanent Secretary is appointed by the Public Service Commission, with the agreement of the Prime Minister, for a period up to five years.


An attractive remuneration package will be offered to the selected candidate.


For a copy of the Position Description and Application Form, please email To apply for the role, please send the completed Application Form and your resume to the above email address.

Completed Applications for the positions must be submitted by 9th June, 2017.


For more details, please email


Note: This position is being re-advertised. Previous applicants are being considered and need not re-apply.




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