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Minister Seruiratu holds talks with French Climate Change Team

Sunday, January 15, 2017


13 January, Paris: Fiji’s Minister for Rural and Maritime Development, Agriculture and National Disaster Management Hon. Inia Seruiratu held talks this week with France’s Climate Change Team in Paris.

The Minister met with the French delegation in his capacity as Fiji’s High Level Climate Champion.

The meeting provided the opportunity for Fiji to learn from the French experience of COP21 and the role of Climate Action Champion. The French team was led by their Diplomatic Advisor Mr. Stephane Crouzat and comprised of senior officials and advisors that managed COP 21. Minister Seruiratu was supported by Fiji’s Ambassador to Belgium and France Deo Saran.

The French Team, on congratulating Fiji on its COP 23 Presidency, highlighted that the voice of the small islands is symbolic in Climate Change process. The meeting centrered around focal areas on the implementation of the Paris Agreement and progressing on key milestones that will come for review and assessment in 2018. On the role of the Champion, the French Team advised the need to focus on the Action Agenda and keeping the momentum built on the success of COP 21 and COP 22.

The meeting concluded by the French team offering support for Fiji’s Presidency and work on identifying specific areas of technical and financial support.


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