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Mrs Ban presents International Bazaar Funds to UNICEF Pacific for Winston Victims

New York
Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mrs Ban presents International Bazaar Funds to UNICEF Pacific for Winston Victims

At a ceremony held at the Permanent Mission of Fiji to the UN today, Madam Ban Soon-taek, the wife of the UN Secretary-General presented a cheque of US $20,000 to UNICEF Pacific to assist the victims of Tropical Cyclone Winston.  Madam. Ban presented the cheque to the UNICEF Executive Director, Mr. Anthony Lake, on behalf of the United Nations International Bazaar.

She said she was greatly saddened by news of what the children of Fiji had endured as a result of Tropical Cyclone Winston. However she said she was heartened to hear of the good work being done by UNICEF Pacific, the international community and the Government of Fiji in rehabilitating the victims of the cyclone.

Mr. Lake also complimented the Government of Fiji for work done before, during and after the onslaught of Tropical Cyclone Winston. He said it was widely acknowledged that the Government of Fiji had performed extremely well throughout the crisis caused by the devastating cyclone.

The United Nations International Bazaar (UNIB) is an annual event at the United Nations that raises money for humanitarian cause around the world.  Madam. Ban expressed thanks for the high level of commitment that the Fijian community in New York has given to the Bazaar over the years. Madam Ban was received at the Fiji Permanent Mission by Ambassador Peter Thomson and the staff and spouses of the Permanent Mission.  


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