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Statement From The Prime Minister

New York
Monday, June 13, 2016

The election of Fiji's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Peter Thomson, to be President of the UN General Assembly is a great honour for Fiji.

It is the first time a representative of one of the Pacific Small Island Developing States has been chosen to lead the United Nations General Assembly and it has given Fiji and the other island nations a new and stronger voice in New York.

Mr Thomson’s selection provides us with a unique platform to highlight those issues of critical concern to Fiji and the vulnerable economies,  such as building our resilience to climate change and ensuring the sustainable development of our natural resources on land and at sea.

It is a measure of Fiji’s standing in the world that the majority of nations supported our candidacy and I want to warmly thank those countries that voted for Fiji for the confidence they have placed in us.

Our commitment to the United Nations and its ideals has been unwavering ever since we first joined the UN at Independence in 1970. And we have always made a disproportionate contribution to its activities for a country of our size, especially with our strong participation in UN Peacekeeping operations since 1978.

I congratulate Mr Thomson on behalf of every Fijian. I know that he will preside over the deliberations of the United Nations General Assembly with dedication, wisdom and foresight.


J.V Bainimarama
Prime Minister


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